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In 2016, MARK CHEN wrote that good writers, hunched over keyboards, are now busy not doing what they've been trained to do but feeding Google, Facebook et al with 'keyword soup'. He's right. And as a writer and editor for SMEs, small family businesses and talented micro start-ups; I can tell you that if you're padding your web content (and paying SEO experts a premium to do just that) you are almost certainly attracting 'clicks'. But are you persuading decision-makers to engage with you?

5 years ago, Biz Speak was the main problem: pretentious language designed to impress investors and/or corporate clients. Take this example... an internal memo from an NGO to its front-line advocates (the poor devils charged with interpreting this stuff):

"At the end of the day, if we think outside the box, our communications strategies will exemplify state of the art clarity to consistently yet flexibly move our constituents toward underwriting our efforts."

OUCH! Firstly, their 'communications strategies' didn't exemplify state-of-the-art clarity at all. They lost me with the first cliché and it only got worse... frankly, for so long they used this tortuous 'corpspeak' to motivate their employees they were almost certainly arousing cynicism, apathy and (largely hidden) resistance. Today is not much different. Your customers can still spot the difference between disingenuous marketing, clichés, corporate jargon and genuine solutions.

Reputations are hard won. Just saying...

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